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History Of Theyyam

The word Daivam in Malayalam language means God. The words itself has certain similarities in pronunciation and has the logic to think that the word Theyym is a corrupt form of the word Daivam.
There are Aushtanamss ( special holy rituals) like Thirayatam, Kaliyatam. It is also a form of Theyyam.
The history says that Mannarkkadan Gurikkal is the reformer of Theyyam. The story connected with him is as follows. Kolathiri Raja was the ruler of ancient Kolathnadu (places near Kannur district in Kerala). Kolathiri came to know about Mannarkkaadan and his extra ordinary capabilities.. So he immensely decided to test Mannarkkaadan.
The Raja challenged the Mannarkkaadan to create and perform 39 different Theyyam in one night, which is impossible for an ordinary man. But he proved his brilliant capabilities by doing so in one night and the Kingdom honoured Mannarkadan with Gurikkal staus and popularly Mannarkkaadan Gurikkal.The history describes that Mannarkkaadan Gurikkal is the creator of Theyyam. But there are critics from certain corner , because any types of marvelous art forms cannot be created in one day. Theyyam, such a dazzling one, definitely cannot be shaped in a day. It has to undergo several changes and polishing in the sprinting of years. Also, the lingo used in Theyyam is very old and stands far-flung from that of the era when Mannarkkaadan Gurikkal resided.So, Theyyam must have started in a prehistoric period. It was refined and refined and acquired its final stage centuries back itself. That primeval final state is what we experience today. Popularly known as God’s own country Kerala is rich in folk culture and festivals incorporating with dance, music, colours and lights; a pure traditional inheritance of common cultural heritage of India.