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Muchilot Bhagavathi Theyyam | THEYYAKKOLAM

Muchilot Bhagavathi

Muchilot Bhagavathi, (see Feb 14-15 Kumbam 2-3 in Theyyam calendar) is one of the glorious theyyam and mostly worshiped and performed in ‘Muchilot Kavu’ which is founded by ‘Vaniya’ community. The myth behind the deity is that, a pretty brahmin girl was born in a rural area called ‘Perinjallur’. As she was talking about desire and love, the community ostracized her and expel from their group. Being isolated she wandered a lot and reached ‘Karivellur Shiv Temple’ and finally ‘Dhayaramangalathu Temple’. So desperate she herself decided to commit suicide after the prayer in the temple by jumping in to the fire ember. To do that she has made certain arrangements and asked oil from a ‘Vaniya’ youth, he was on his way to the temple for giving the oil as offering. As she requested he poured all the oil in to the fire and she jumped in to the fire and died. When the boy reached his home he could see the empty bottle filled with full of oil , more over when he looked in to the well in his house he had seen the face of the same girl reflecting as a ‘Goddess’. Since these miracles were happened in the ‘Muchilot Vaniyans’ province they gave the name for the Goddess as “Muchilot Bhagavathi. One of the beautiful theyyam in North Malabar. There are lot of Muchilot Kavus are present in the region and performs other theyyam also along with Muchilot Bhagavthi.