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Thaiparadevatha Theyyam | THEYYAKKOLAM


Thaiparadevatha, (see Dec 4-5, 26-30, 27-28 in Theyyam calendar) The Bhagavathi, Kali, Chamundi etc. are cosidered the “Mother God” according to the concept of the theyyam performers.It is believed that at least one “Mother God” is existing in each rural area. One among them is “Thaiparadevatha”. This theyyam is even worshiped by ‘Kolathiri Samoothiris (Chieftain of old Kolathunad)’, who had given basic support and encouragement for the theyyam performances.in his dynasty. Thaiparadevatha is one among the six Theyyam created from the “Divine Eye” (Third Eye) of Lord Siva and people adore it as one of the most powerful deity. It is also called “Kalaswaroopathingal Thayi”, ‘Thayi’, ‘Thiruvarkkat Bhagavathi’, or ‘Madayikkavil Achi’. During the Samoothiri’s regime he has given a divine place for Thayi at ‘Thiruvarkat Kavu (Presently Madaikavu; near Payangadi)’. Thai is considered as a powerful theyyam who had eradicated fatal diseases from the community. ‘Lord Siva’ created this Kalideivam to kill ‘Darikan’. Thayi fought with Darikan continuously for seven days and on eighth day she killed him on the tongue of ‘Vethala’ with his strong finger and drank blood.